Is Isolaz Right For You?

Your current skin:

  • You break out often and wish you had clearer skin
  • You’re tired of worrying about getting a breakout – even if it’s monthly
  • You have blackheads, your skin seems oily, your skin appears dull
  • You have not responded to other acne treatments, including oral and topical medications

Your desired acne treatment:

  • Provides reliable, quick, long-lasting results
  • Does not interfere with your lifestyle
  • Is proven to be clinically safe
  • Is not an oral medication, like antibiotics or retinoids (Accutane® / Isotretinoin)

Isolaz treats different types of acne
Isolaz is safe on all skin types, light and dark, and is indicated for the treatment of mild to moderate acne, including pustular acne, comedonal acne and mild to moderate inflammatory acne (acne vulgaris).


Find your skin type
Thomas B. Fitzpatrick, MD, PhD, of Harvard Medical School developed a classification system for skin typing. This system is based on a person’s complexion and responses to sun exposure. For successful laser and light therapy, it is necessary to determine your correct skin type. Isolaz can treat all skin types and your Isolaz treatment provider will assess your skin type prior to your treatment.

What best describes your skin?