Scar Treatment in Barboursville WV

Keloids: Signs and Symptoms

  • Appear slowly
  • Begin as raised pink, red or purple scar
  • Grow slowly
  • Feel soft and doughy or hard and rubbery
  • Cause pain, itch, or tenderness
  • Be fixed in place
  • Become darker in color with time

Dermatological Scar Removal in Barboursville VA
Raised scars on the skin, called keloids, are usually the result of some type of skin injury. They are caused when the body uses excessive amounts of collagen in the healing process, resulting in a raised scar that is usually a darker color than the surround skin. This overproduction of collagen can cause the scar to extend beyond the area of the original injury, and while there are no other symptoms, keloids are sometimes painful.

Keloid Scar Removal
Keloids are not dangerous and do not cause cancer, but are often removed for aesthetic reasons. Treatment options include surgically removing the keloid, or reducing the size of the scar by steroid injections. Surgical excision can sometimes result in the forming of another keloid, so great care is required with this treatment option.

While there is no cure or definite preventative for keloids, as they are caused by the body’s production of collagen, there are ways to minimize their appearance. If individuals are likely to develop a keloid in surgery, doctors can take special care and steps early on to help minimize the development at the incision site.