Unwanted body hair can be such an inconvenient, unattractive nuisance. Constant shaving and waxing isn’t only time consuming, but the price adds up. Laser hair removal treatment is the second most popular cosmetic procedure for women under 35, and for good reason. If you’d like to ditch razors and waxing for good, here’s what you need to know about laser hair removal.

Your Hair Isn’t Gone Forever

It’s not a magical, permanent fix to body hair. It’s a procedure that will limit and reduce the amount of hair growth you’ll see in the target area. It’s a procedure that might require a few touch ups and revisits. Certainly much less than shaving and waxing, but still, some maintenance is needed. Hair follicles are complicated and even a laser can’t get every single one. This varies per person, too. The surgery works differently per skin tone, hair type, hormone level, etc. Touchups are just a result of human skin variety in cosmetic dermatology.

Make Sure You Go To The Right Place

This seems like an obvious one, but it bears mentioning. All around the country, there are laser hair removal clinics. Before hopping under the laser, make sure to do your research. Remember these are lasers, so in the improper hands, you could risk damaging your skin. Unlicensed laser spas exist all over the place. Avoid them and look for licensed medical dermatologists who perform laser hair removal procedures. They’re going to be the best-trained hands for you to trust your body with.

It’s Relatively Quick And Painless

It’s not completely pain-free, as lasers are concentrated beams of heat. Generally, it feels like a pinch that lasts a split second as the laser hits a hair follicle. That said, the treatments don’t even take very long. Of course, the time varies based on the size of the area you want to be treated. Recovery is also light and mostly pain-free. You may experience itching, tingling, and mild swelling because you just experienced what is essentially hundreds of tiny heat injuries. Skin sensitivity after a hair removal procedure is natural and you should be sure to follow your doctor’s directions so as to heal properly.

Step into the new year looking as beautiful as you know you can. Don’t be afraid to step up and take command of your self-image. Visit a cosmetic doctor near you, regardless of the procedure you desire, they’ll have a wealth of information to put your mind at ease as you boost your body confidence.