medical dermatologistWe all want to look our best, but even a strict diet and exercise regime may not produce the results you’re after. Although spot reduction isn’t possible through traditional methods, your medical dermatologist may be able to provide a solution: CoolSculpting. This non-invasive procedure can allow you to achieve the look you want when other methods haven’t worked as well as you would have hoped. Let’s take a closer look at what CoolSculpting is, how it works, and other frequently asked questions.

What is CoolSculpting and how does it work?
Simply put, it’s a FDA-cleared, non surgical weight loss procedure wherein areas of fat are “frozen” through controlled cooling (known as Cryolipolysis). This process leads to fat cell death, after which these cells are eliminated naturally through your body’s lymphatic system and processed like any other waste through the liver.

Is this treatment effective? How does it compare to other treatments?
In clinical studies, CoolSculpting was found to reduce subcutaneous fat at the treatment site by up to 25% after just a single treatment. While the results of CoolSculpting are not nearly as dramatic as the kind achieved with a surgical procedure like liposuction, CoolSculpting allows patients to completely avoid invasive procedures and the risks and recovery time that come along with them. In addition, CoolSculpting affects only targeted fat cells; with other kinds of procedures, adjacent tissue may also be impacted. Your medical dermatologist will likely tell you that this is one of the safest and most effective fat-removal treatments currently in use.

Is CoolSculpting safe? Does it hurt?
The FDA has cleared CoolSculpting as a safe treatment for fat reduction in a variety of areas on the body. Most people actually find the treatment to be painless, while some people experience a minimal amount of pressure and/or a cold sensation during the first few minutes. Other patients may experience slight discomfort during the massage portion. But generally, no pain is felt during the session. However, some patients may experience some tingling, numbness, redness, swelling, and pain during recovery; these symptoms are typically short-lived.

How long does this treatment take?
Sessions with your medical dermatologist usually last for about an hour. Some people may require two sessions to achieve their desired results, which are spaced out with a month to six weeks in between.

How soon will I be able to notice results? How long do results last?
This can vary from patient to patient. Some people see results within three weeks of treatment. For most, the dramatic “after” moment comes two to three months following the initial treatment. At that time, you’ll have noticeable fat reduction in the areas that received treatment. Short-term studies have found patients still see these results at least six months after treatment. CoolSculpting is considered to be a permanent treatment for fat cell reduction.

How do I know if I am a good candidate for this treatment?
Your medical dermatologist is your best resource here. However, the ideal CoolSculpting candidate is a person who is in shape but is seeking spot reduction. This person likely has moderate-sized bulges of fat that have not been reduced through diet or exercise, but they are not seeking out a surgical treatment either. CoolSculpting is not a viable option for those looking to lose weight or as an alternative to invasive weight loss procedures. Your physician can make a definitive recommendation based on your medical history.

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