A new toy that simulates pimple popping is taking over the internet. First there was the Fidget Spinner and Fidget Cube, and now there’s the ‘Pop It Pal.’ It’s a small silicone rectangle filled with synthetic puss that users can squeeze to mimic the sensation of popping zits. The toy package comes with extra puss so the block can be refilled. Unknown if it has any backing from medical dermatology, it definitely still provides an unsettling amount of enjoyment.

Acne isn’t uncommon, almost 85% of people will have it at some point. Acne is mostly associated with puberty but can actually affect anyone from their 20s to their 50s. Popping pimples can be a tough habit to quit especially for those who have a problem with acne, so this new toy could potentially take some of the attention off your skin. There’s more of a reason to quit popping pimples though, especially on your face. Every seventh grade health teacher (should have) warned their students of the potential dangers and consequences from zit popping. Every time you pop a pimple, you’re actually tearing open the skin. It happens on such a small scale that it probably doesn’t concern you but if you could see what’s happening up close, you would never pop another zit in your life. The skin heals in the same manner it would if someone tore open a hole anywhere else on your body, it leaves a scar. And in the world of medical dermatology, the more you pop the worse the scars get.

Each time you pop a pimple you’re actually introducing bacteria from your hands into the open wound, which can lead to infections. That’s not all — there’s an area on your face referred to as “the triangle of death” that if gets infected can lead to just that: death. Starting at about the top of the bridge of your nose and ending just under the lips, the area is a danger zone for pimple poppers. The blood vessels in this area drain right into the base of the head. So if there’s an infection it basically becomes an expressway straight to your brain. Your sinuses are also located in the triangle which can become easily infected. A sinus infection if left untreated can do some serious damage like causing paralysis and loss of vision (death too).

So next time you’re thinking about popping that pesky pimple, don’t. Seek out a professional in medical dermatology who can personalize an acne treatment that’s right for you.